Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

What a fantastic Christmas!!

We were able to spend almost 2 weeks with most of our extended family. Can't get any better than that! At the Campbell home, we played LRC, watched Annabelle, ate delicious tacos at the traditional Campbell Christmas Taco Party, watched football and movies and Annabelle, sang karaoke, watched Annabelle dance to our karaoke, and I did puzzles while everyone else watched Annabelle some more :) I sure do love going home for vacations!

GG Penny got Annabelle a voice recorded book for Christmas and it will be a present that we will cherish forever :)

Over at the McG residence we played with the kittens, watched Annabelle play on the rocking tigger and her new rocking horse, ate delicious food, played bridge and Apples to Apples, and watched Annabelle some more. Did I mention how much I love going home for vacation? :)

We also went to the Riverwoods in Orem to see the pretty lights. Annabelle loved them!

Shanam made sure to go on lots of crazy adventures in the mountains with his dad and the pups, but as a family we decided to keep it low key and introduce Annabelle to inner-tubing at Soldier Hollow. She had fun but I think she'll enjoy the snow a lot more next year when she can run and play in it on her own :)

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jeff and alli said...

Rees saw me checking out the blog and wanted to know who you guys are. So I explained how we worked together on the mission and that Annabelle is your daughter. Rees then told me, 'I like that Annabelle.'