Thursday, September 29, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in Ruidoso

We left West Texas in search of some cooler weather and we definitely found it in Ruidoso. It rained nearly the whole time we were there! Our first night camping, there was a huge thunderstorm and rain beat on our tent all night long :) It was so beautiful!!! Luckily Annabelle wasn't frightened at all! She slept right through it!

We were able to go for a short hike by our campsite between rainstorms the next day. Everything was so fresh and green! It definitely filled my soul with what it's been longing for :) Annabelle has gotten too big for her carrier so she preferred Daddy's shoulders :)

On the last day we were there we decided to attempt climbing Sierra Blanca, the highest peak in Ruidoso. That's the peak in back of us in the above picture. To get to the trail head, we had to drive up steep mountains until we got to the ski resort. We left early to get a good start but were soon wondering if that was a good idea. As we kept climbing higher into the clouds, the clouds got thicker and the temperature got very cold! But then all of the sudden, we broke through the clouds and sunlight filled the car!! We had climbed higher than the rain clouds!!! The weather was absolutely gorgeous up there and we enjoyed a beautiful hike in the morning sunshine :)

We didn't make it to the top but we definitely enjoyed the views along the way!

Looks like we took this out an airplane window, huh!

This was at an overlook on our way back down the mountain. I couldn't help but think of all the people down under the clouds who were missing out on all the great sunshine we were enjoying. Then, I could help but liken it to the gospel. So many people go through life not knowing that if they just climbed a little higher, searched a little farther, opened their hearts just a little more, the light of the gospel would filled their souls so fully that they would never want to descend back into the clouds of darkness again. Unfortunately, we had to go back down the mountain and head back home to the dry heat. But we know where to come back :)

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Hannah said...

LOVED the pictures through the clouds!