Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Last Monday we left for our long awaited adventure to Florida! We couldn't wait to see family and friends and make wonderful memories at the "happiest place on earth!"

We stayed at Shanam's grandma's house for the week and Annabelle made sure to get in her pool at least once a day :) Her Aunt Elana got the brunt of the splashing, but I think she enjoyed it :) Our week was filled with fun!!!

We made sure to visit the same beach where the magic all began, Siesta Key Beach! That day we watched as our beautiful little girl sat and played in the same fine white sand we stood in three years ago where we shared our first kiss at sunset :) It's amazing how much can happen in such a short period of time!

Annabelle loved playing in the sand and water!

On another day we went to Anna Maria Island to enjoy the sunset and beautiful weather. We hadn't planned on going in the water, but the water was way too perfect to not let Annabelle sit and enjoy it :)

My wonderful friends and fellow interns at the greenhouses were so kind to let us into the parks for a day! We spent a wonderful time visiting with our former manager and admiring the greenhouses that we all missed so much :)

Then it was off to Magic Kingdom!!

Doesn't Annabelle look so excited to be there?! Haha!

I had to make sure to get on a few roller coasters :)

Annabelle rode her first ride, It's a Small World! GranEllen had always dreamed of the day when she could take her grandchildren on this ride, so we made sure Annabelle sat on her lap through the whole thing :) Instead of sit, though, I should say stand and flap! She loved it :)

We actually changed our flight to leave a day earlier than we had planned. On Sunday, his Grandma told him about this restaurant that had a lobster special on Tuesday nights, Shanam was on the phone to Southwest right away! I'm glad he did it because that lobster was SO GOOD!!
For his Aunt Carol's birthday we went to an Indian buffet for lunch. AMAZING!!

Then another day, we went to the harbor and had lunch on the water. Fresh grouper from Florida is the best!!!

Then, of course, we had to eat at Bahama Breeze :) I can't ever pass up the chance when I'm in Florida! Jennlyn met us there for lunch before we went to WDW. It was so great to see her and enjoy delicious fish tacos and coconut shrimp together :)

We really miss good food out here in West Texas and love to take full advantage of great restaurants when we travel! Our trip was exactly what we had wanted! Full of fun, sun, rain, family, friends, and food :) Thank you Grandma for letting us come stay with you! Hopefully next summer we can do the same thing all over again!! Love you!


Gentri said...

I'm so jealous right now... it's been 4 years (almost 5?) since I've been there... :'( So glad you guys had fun!

Becka said...

i love the pictures! they are so cute! i am glad to see that you are doing so well, it has truly been forever since I seen you last, but i have my blog being updated as wee speak, so i hope you'll follow and join me in some of my crazy adventures!

Hannah said...

I'm so glad you took a trip back to Florida! It sounded like such a perfect vacation with the beach, the food and the mouse. I miss that place so much!

Was Les your manager when you were working in the greenhouses? It looks like him in the pictures... He has been there mentoring so many BYUI kids since you came on the scene!

I can't wait to see you soon:)