Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This last weekend we headed out of town...yet again...for another adventure :) This time we made it all the way over to the east coast! We went out there for another Amway Conference and had such a great time exploring the city, eating seafood, and getting pumped up at the conference! We stayed at The Renaissance Hotel at the Inner Harbor. The rooms were very modern chic and the hotel was located right in the middle of everything. Perfect location! On Friday, we quickly put our bags in our room and headed out to grab a bite to eat. I wanted to eat real Maryland crab cakes and Shanam really wanted me to try raw oysters, so we found this amazing little restaurant with both! It was called Mo's and it was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel. It was recommended by everyone we asked, so it was bound to deliver! And it definitely did! The oysters were great...Shanam was disappointed that I didn't give him the reaction he was expecting, but proud that I actually liked them. And the crab cakes...oh the crab cakes!! I have never seen so much crab meat before in my life! They were packed full and soooo delicious! After our meal, we went to check out the famous Barnes & Noble. So cool! The store is inside an old revamped power plant, so you still see all the smoke stacks inside and outside the building. I loved it!
Then it was time for the conference!! Here are just a few pictures of the next two days. We heard from great leaders and met with so many awesome people from our group. Shanam had started this business when he was 18 and he has a very large group on the east coast, so it was fun seeing all of them and uniting together! I love seeing their success! If anyone wants to know more details about the business, let me know and I'd be happy to share! It's such a great organization to be a part of!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowshoeing by Moonlight

Isn't this picture absolutely gorgeous!! Shanam did a great job capturing the feel of the evening. It was such a perfect night for snowshoeing! It was so bright that it hurt our eyes at times! We went with a couple good friends to Cloudcroft, NM for New Year's weekend. It was about a 3 mile hike through the woods, with no sound except for the crunching of the snow. So serene and magical! Not to mention romantic :)

Laura and I all set to go! She was so excited!
The first timers, Laura and Matt.

LOL! She had trouble stepping on herself and losing her balance. She was hilarious! You can't tell but she's laughing hysterically on the ground :) What a fun trip!

Happy happy New Year!

We spent New Years Eve with some great friends eating lots of food and laughing the night away!

Here we are, ready to ring in 2010!

This is Eva. Eva the doll in white cowboy boots :)
Happy New Year!!