Sunday, October 18, 2009


This past weekend we attended a conference for Amway Global in Grand Rapids, Michigan and had a fabulous trip!! These pics are at the headquarters where the products are manufatured and distributed world wide. We were excited to be there :)
I wish I had taken pictures of the actual conference, because it was more like a huge motivational party! We heard amazing speakers, including the man who's life was made into the movie "The Pursuit of Happpyness" as well as political and business leaders. So cool!! We loved being there together to experience it and learn side by side :)

Surprise trip to Utah!!

We decided to surprise our family by flying in for conference weekend. LOL! It was great!! My parents had no clue and it was so fun to get my brothers in on the surprise. They helped in devising ways to jump out and surprise them when they came home Wednesday night, and we got them good!! Shanam and I hadn't been home since we got married 5 months ago, so we enjoyed being with our fam again.
BYU game against Utah State with Shanam's parents
Fully enjoying conference :)

My family drives through the Alpine Loop while we listen to the Sunday afternoon session on the radio. Guess what we found at the top of the mountain!! SNOW!! Shanam was very happy, to say the least :)

During priesthood session the girls all got toether for a little shopping. Guess how much we saved during their sale at Shade!? $176.00!!! Now that's definitely some conference upliftment! So fun to spend time with family and friends (especially my newly pregnant best friend :) Congrats, Bre!


Girl Bonding Time!!!!!
I was able to go hang out with these awesome girlies for a whole week!! So much fun!! My trip to Phoenix was for business, but when I wasn't working it was all play!! Anndalyn and Melissa were great hosts and took me to see all the sites. The zoo being one of my faves :) These pics were taken on our girls night out for dinner and a movie. We saw Fame (fabulous I recommend it) and ate at an awesome restaurant that was right up my ally!

Married women can still have fun and act like goofs :)

Great organic food grown right there at the restaurant in their greenhouses!! I had a fabulous, maybe even best I've ever had, portebello mushroom burger with fresh beet salad. Yum!!
Went to visit the Mesa Temple on Sunday after going to church with Mel and her hubster. Their ward was baby crazy!! Can you believe 7 nurseries!! On the church records there are 300 kids under the age of 12!

We got to talk to the sister missionaries and they were so excited to hear that we had served as companions in France together. They let us listen to the Christus recording in French! We were both crying by the end because it brought back so many good memories from the mission :)

The trip was also filled with great physical activities! Mel and I played a match of tennis in the sweltering heat and worked out at the gym she works at and Anndalyn, the kids, and I went for a beautiful morning hike in the mountains right behind there house on another morning.

Aren't her kids so adorable!!! I loved spending time with them, singing and laughing and playing!

I could just eat her up!

It was fun to watch the kids when daddy got home!