Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Utah Ski Trip!!

It finally came time for our week long ski trip!! Shanam had been looking forward to this trip for a whole year! His ski buddy got married on Sat, March 6 but the skiing began the Monday before. Luckily we were able to leave the weekend before it all started and spend some good ski time with family up in Park City. His parents and my dad and brother were able to come with us to hit up the slopes :)

On Sunday, our friend from Texas, Laura, came out to explore and have fun in the mountains with me while Shanam left with his buddies for the week. She had never been to Utah and had never seen huge snow-capped mountains!! Can you believe it! Our first stop, though, was Salt Lake City. You can't come to Utah and not see Temple Square!

The next day was her first day skiing!! She had a lot of fun and did great for her first time sliding down a snow-covered, icy mountain :)

Then it was off to meet up with the guys for a night in Jackson Hole. The drive was gorgeous and Laura was able to see two more states she had never been to!

We hijacked some snowmobiles from the guys and had some fun riding the trails just outside of Yellowstone.

Then we checked in to our cute little cabin and met the guys for Thai food and dessert pastries. I can honestly say, I've never been disappointed with the food in Jackson! There are so many delicious little restaurants!

I think it's safe to say that Laura enjoyed her stay :) And Shanam...well, after some intense muscle message and some trips to the hot tub, he was as good as new!


T-Ray said...

HOW FUN!!! I love that you and your hubby have so much fun together!
I have never been skiing or snow boarding or anything like that. Is that crazy or what?

Hannah said...

Those pictures of the mountains are incredibly breathtaking. I do miss that from being down here, but it is nice that airplanes make UT that much more close.

As for grabbing the sleds from men, you really gotta stop beating up on the boys..... you know they can't take you.... hahaha!

FUN trip to Jackson! I love that area. And I agree-- I dont' know if you can be disappointed with the food. EVER!