Sunday, August 14, 2011


The record breaking heat has really been getting to Shanam, so we hit the road again with only one destination in mind...the mountains :) Thank goodness the national forest at Cloudcroft was open again and we only had to drive a few hours to get there! Our good friends Laura and Kurt came with us and we had a ton of fun! Annabelle especially loved the extra attention :)

We enjoyed a couple nights at our cool campsite staying warm by the fire, eating pasta salad and salmon, loving some great homemade chocolate zucchini bread and green smoothies, and laughing at the dogs :)

In the morning we hit the trail and enjoyed a gorgeous hike along the rim trail. Annabelle slept through most of it :)

We hiked up to the lookout point where Laura and I had hiked last July when I was 5 months pregnant :) We're determined to get a picture here every year!

The next day we decided to enjoy the gorgeous golf course. Annabelle especially loved taking the wheel!

Before we left, we went for a little drive and discovered this beautiful waterfall! We hiked up to the top and found the source of the water to be a natural spring coming out of the rocks! It was so beautiful! (In the picture, I'm tickling Annabelle's back with my mouth, that's why she looks so funny :) We had such a wonderful trip, just like we always do!


Tracy said...

You guys have so much fun!

Hannah said...

That picture of you tickling Annabelle is adorable! She has your exact smile and I can't wait to see what happens when she gets teeth!

I love that you love the mountains and the hike! I just went up Timp and thought of you :)

Can't wait to see you when you come to town!