Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Vacation!!

Our adventure began on Tuesday, December 28 at 1700 hours. We had a 16 hour, 950 mile road trip ahead of us with a 2 month old baby and two 4 month old puppies. What laid ahead...we didn't know...but we hit the open road with a prayer in our hearts and a sincere hope that it wouldn't get too crazy :) Utah or bust!

Gratefully, the pups were awesome and Annabelle was an angel! We would have made it to American Fork in good time, but we had a slight hiccup...okay, major the top of Price Canyon, in the middle of a snow storm, no less. Our radiator hose blew and our engine overheated...not cool! But luckily we weren't too far from home! After 4 hours of being stranded in the cold, Shanam's mom came to the rescue and picked us up, AAA towed our car to a shop in Provo, and we were once again warmed by a functioning heater. Amazingly, Annabelle and the puppies slept through it all, without one single peep! Now that is a Christmas miracle!

First thing the next day, Shanam introduced the pups to the snow and took them snowshoeing with his family. Sophie and Sasha were in heaven! As soon as they hit the powder they wanted to run, run, run! It's amazing to watch their instincts kick in! And boy did they look gorgeous in the snow! They were definitely in their's just like watching Shanam when he hits the slopes :) (Don't forget to click on the photo so you can see it bigger! I love the photo of Shanam and his two girls in the top right corner :)

Christmas with family was absolutely wonderful!!!!!!! They all loved meeting Annabelle and we had such a great time visiting, laughing, eating, and playing! This was Christmas dinner with Shanam's fam...yummy lobster once again! I love that holiday tradition :)

And here we are with my fam! Being home for the holidays is what it's all about!

Annabelle was blessed on the day after Christmas (isn't her dress gorgeous! It's Belgian!) and all 3 great grandmas and grandmas were there, so of course we had to take a picture! Never know when that will happen again! So, from the left on the couch is my dad's mom, GG Penny, then Shanam's mom's mom, GreatGamma, and my mom's mom, Nana. What a great and wonderful group of women I get to claim as family!

We also met up with Bre and Sydne's family. Emily was our fourth roommate from our Devonshire college days who had a baby this year but she couldn't make it. We missed her :( It was so fun to get all our babies together and of course to be with the girls again :)

One thing we had to do while in Utah was see the Temple Square Christmas lights, of course! The place was packed with people but definitely worth every shoulder bump :) The place was gorgeous! Annabelle stayed nice and cozy wrapped to my body underneath my coat jacket. She loved looking at the lights for all of two minutes then fell fast asleep :) An awesome dinner at our favorite Salt Lake City pizza place, Settabellos, came next! Some of the other vacation events included skiing, playing laser tag, enjoying sushi, feasting on an amazing dinner at La Caille (a perfect Christmas gift from my brother), and lots of family bonding time. We couldn't have asked for a better 12 days of Christmas :)

Doesn't it just look so beautiful...cold, but beautiful! :) None of us wanted to leave :( But alas, we're in Texas for a reason and we love all the great friends we've made there, so we had to go back. After a perfect road trip home, we're already looking ahead to our next adventure!

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