Friday, July 8, 2011

Pagosa Springs, CO!!!

Day 1, Friday July 1, 2011

At 12 noon we had the car packed and we were outta there! No more 100 degree weather for us! We were off to the closest mountain range that wasn't closed...8 hours away. We were planning on going to Taos, New Mexico, but the day before we left they announced that the entire forest was closed, just like Ruidoso and Cloudcroft had announced 2 months prior. What's a mountain lovin family supposed to do?! Is an eight hour drive with a baby and two dogs worth it for just one weekend in the mountains?! Oh yeah, baby!!!!

Going from this......

To this :)

We greeted the cool air, rolling hills, 14 ft mountains, and green trees with joy and excitement as we finally arrived!! Just a short drive out of town into the San Juan National Forest and we found us a perfect little place to set up camp. After putting our tent up, we went back to PS and dined at the best rated and finest restaurant in town, The Alley House. Every single bite was incredible!

Day 2

We woke up bright and early, ready for the adventures ahead! Annabelle did great for her second camping trip ever :)

We enjoyed the brisk morning air as we we tried to figure out what hikes we were going to do first. The pups, meanwhile, were happy to frolic in the brush and run through the trees chasing each other. They were definitely ready for the adventures ahead!

We decided on the Piedre River Trail first. This is a gorgeous trail that follows the river right through amazing gorges, where cliffs rise up above you on both sides. So cool!!

Here's our cute little family enjoying our first pit stop.

Sophie was in absolute heaven! She was swimming and splashing all over the place, while Sasha on the other hand would get in to drink and never let the water go past her ankles. Silly dogs :)

This was our second pit stop in the shade. Shanam devised a way to let her hang in the carrier like a hammock so she could cool off and lay back and relax :)

A peek at the river

And now a full view :)

Sophie and Sasha beat us back to the car and what did we find when we got there? Sophie was lying under our car in the shade, while Sasha had decided to jump in the back of this guys trunk next to us!! Luckily he was a good sport about it, but boy was it hard to get her out of there!

Next stop was Piedre Falls, up the road a few miles. Annabelle slept through the entire hike so she didn't get to see it, but this was one powerful waterfall! The water was just gushing through the rocks! Afterward, we made our way back to town for some fish tacos then hung out at our camp site for the rest of the evening. Annabelle went to bed pretty early so that gave Shanam and I time to wander around the meadows for a little while, until the sun went down :)

Day 3
Bright and early again for another hike to another waterfall! This was a 6 mile round trip hike to Fourmile Falls. The trail was absolutely breathtaking! We were the only ones on it, too, since we had left so early!

Good morning, sunshine!

The trip would have been worth it if we had only come up for one day and had only done this one hike! That's how good this was!

Just look at this breathtaking, picture perfect sight! We were almost to the waterfall!

And here she is, in all her glory :)

With a rainbow, even!

Hello world!

Isn't this the cutest picture you ever did see?! Shanam and his girls :)

Ok, well maybe these are the cutest pictures :) After our hike we went back to town and had lunch on a river front cafe. Annabelle was definitely cheesin it up! Then, since she needed a nap, we decided to go for a drive and find where the local ski resort was. Along the drive, we passed a sign that said Lobo Overlook, so of course we had to go check it out! We climbed a very steep, windy road until we got to the very top. There was still snow covering the ground and road, so we had to get out and hike the rest of the way, but the view was spectacular!

The puppies, of course, enjoyed the snow :)

While driving, we also passed over the Continental Divide! I, of course, couldn't pass up the perfect picture opportunity :) Here I am, straddling The Great Divide :)

And there it goes, off into the forest :)
Day 4

Shanam woke up bright and early and hiked the tallest peak in Pagosa Springs, Pagosa Peak!

Aren't those views incredible! It was a steep 4 mile hike to the peak, sitting at 12,400 ft! He and the pups did the whole hike in 3 hours!

Just look at that stunning view!

I'm so glad he has the pups to go with him on his crazy adventures, when we're not there :)

We left that afternoon and enjoyed our nice 8 hour drive home. We were all exhausted and we barely even heard a peep from the pups in the back. Shanam definitely wore them out! It was a great adventure and I must have heard Shanam say he wanted to move there at least 20 times! The town is really pretty, too, and has a river that runs right through it that people inner tube and raft down. I'd be up for getting a nice little cabin there, for sure!


Emily said...

wow, those were some beautiful hikes! i miss hiking, i haven't been in years! i love that you don't let having a baby stop you! It's awesome! Those were really fun pics!

Suzanna H. said...

You know, there IS a lot of land for sale there... I may have checked.

Sharlene Campbell said...

I love all your pictures! more fun adventures for sure :)

James said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! I love reading your blog after a fun trip! It's almost like I went along... almost. :)

Erin said...

That's too funny! Matt just mentioned last week how he wouldn't mind moving to Colorado someday LOL

Hannah said...

You nailed the cutest pictures: the ones of Annabelle and the one of Shanam with "his girls" Too cute!