Friday, October 21, 2011

Lake Placid, NY!!

October 6

We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with Leif's in-laws at the Ugly Rooster, then we hit the road again! Lake Placid was our next stop!

Aren't you jealous that this is where Shanam got to go to high school?! We took a drive around the lake, through the town and arrived at their school, National Sports Academy. They would make that 3 mile jog around the lake every morning during training season. It was fun to see the exact pavement they pounded over and over again :)

Shanam and Leif roomed together in one of the top floor dorms. They would have school for about 3-4 hours a day then ski for the rest of the day...not bad :)

We were able to meet up with some of their old teachers who gave us a tour of the school and reminisced over old memories. They loved seeing the guys again and meeting Shanam's adorable daughter :) I loved watching the current students go about their business and envisioned what Shanam was like as a teenager roaming the same halls, eating in the same mess hall :)

They even saw one of their old ski coaches who still coaches there!

After our trip down memory lane we grabbed some delicious crepes in town then made our way up to the ski area where they used to train.

The ski area was gorgeous and they showed me their private ski lift and equipment buildings. So cool! Then we headed up the mountain to the top of Whiteface. The guys decided they needed a little exercise, so they climbed up from the parking lot.

Annabelle and I opted to walk the 500 ft tunnel to the 300 ft elevator and meet them at the top. I wasn't too surprised, though, to find that the guys had beat us there :)

The view was amazing!
That's Lake Placid down below.

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