Friday, May 13, 2011

Utah Travels!

Our first trip to Utah and Annabelle's first plane ride was right after my birthday, Mar 22-29. All the family was so excited to see her! The last time, during Christmas, she was only 2 months old and couldn't hold her head up for very long. Now she was almost sitting up and laughing non-stop :) She did great on the plane and is a wonderful travel companion!

The next trip to Utah was for Easter, April 22-May 1! On my list of things we had to do was go to Thanksgiving Point Gardens for the tulip festival so I could get a picture of her with all the beautiful flowers :) It was great seeing extended family I hadn't seen in a long time and having them meet Annabelle!

Then, Shanam was able to join us the next weekend! He got in some great powder days and we even got to go out on a date for the first time since Annabelle was born! Shanam's mom watched Annabelle while we celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a couples massage (thank you so so so much Laura!) in SLC and dinner at The Metropolitan. The massage and the food were divine!!! Those have to be among my two very favorite things in life, so of course I was in heaven! Happy Anniversary to us!

It was wonderful having Shanam with us on the plane ride home!
Next trip to Utah will be for Memorial Day!

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