Friday, March 4, 2011

Telluride & Durango, CO!!

Who says traveling with a baby isn't easy :) Sure our plans had to be adapted slightly, but we were still able to make it up to Colorado and thoroughly enjoy our time there! After seeingTelluride during the summer, we knew we had to come back during the winter. And once again, we met Shanam's family there :) While he, his dad and sister went cross country skiing with the pups, Laura, his mom, Annabelle and I checked out the town. We went shopping, visited the town museum where Ellen recognized some friends in a slide show they had from the 70's, rode the gondola into Mountain Village, and ate lunch at a lovely Italian pizzeria.

Isn't the town's backdrop gorgeous!! I want a cute pink house in Telluride!

We all met up for dinner that night at a great Asian restaurant that I highly recommend!

GranEllen and Annabelle loved seeing eachother again :)

Then it was time for Annabelle's first snowshoeing adventure! She rode with GranEllen in our Ergo baby carrier and fell asleep within the first 10 minutes :) And Laura and I got to experience being pulled up the mountain by Sophie & Sasha!! It was so gorgeous being up there!

This is what each night looked like! We were a little exhausted :)

On the way home we stopped in Durango for some root beer. Whenever we go through, we always try and stop because their root beer is delicious!! Go to Carver's Brewery on Main Street. They sweeten their root beer with local honey instead of sugar or corn syrup. It's definitely worth the stop, and their food is excellent, too! This time we met one of Laura's friends at the pub. She's a teacher there and a river rafting guide during the summer. It was great to meet her, and hopefully during the summer we'll be able to go back and go rafting with her!
Annabelle did such a great job during the whole trip! We think she enjoys traveling and seeing new places just as much as we do!

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Tracy said...

How fun! You guys all look great.