Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Telluride, CO!!!

Telluride, CO has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the world! We were able to stay in a beautiful mountain cabin with 15 other friends for 5 days this last week and we loved every second of it! The weather was perfect, the air was clean and crisp, the landscape was breathtaking, and the memories we made with amazing people will last forever!
Here are a few pictures of the little shack we stayed in :) Not too shabby, eh?

In the evenings we had a blast playing games, doing puzzles, cooking dinner together, hot-tubbing during a meteor shower, watching the sunset, meditating and doing yoga on the porch, watching slide shows, and just plain enjoying each others company. And during the day, well, keep reading...cuz there was plenty of adventure!!!

Shanam had been researching and planning an off road trip through Black Bear Pass and was actually able to talk 3 other guys into doing it with him, one being his dad! Black Bear Pass is supposedly pretty crazy and hardly anyone ever attempts it, but of course that's only more encouragement for my man :) You can look it up on youtube if you want to see videos of people going down "the stairs" and "the deadly switchbacks." Only 7 groups have done it this season, so far, and now Shanam can proudly add his name to the list!

When they got back to town, it was Ellen's turn for an off road adventure! Shanam and his parents went back up the mountain and watched the sun set from Telluride Peak. The ride was going to be a little too rough and bumpy for me so I enjoyed the sunset from the back porch of our cabin with everyone else :) They were able to capture some beautiful pictures, though!

Isn't this one gorgeous?! You can see the moon with Mars and Venus above it and the town of Telluride below. Just beautiful! The stars at night were really incredible!

We found shirts for all the guys that went off-roading that said "I Survived Black Bear Pass." They all thought that was pretty cool especially since one of them didn't think they would ever make it off that mountain :)

So while Shanam had fun with his extreme adventures, I chose to take it easy :) This was at the top of one of our hikes by a beautiful waterfall. I could have laid there all day!

I just love this picture of Shanam's mom :)

This is part of the group at Hope Lake.

This is mountain man Philip. While I relaxed at the waterfall, he decided to strip down and go for a swim! Crazy guy!

Another day, while Shanam was mountain biking all over the 13,000 ft high mountain range, trying to kill himself, I chose what was supposed to be a short easy hike that turned into a 7 mile trek! Yes, you read right! At 7 months pregnant, I went on a 7 mile hike! It was beautiful, though!

Ellen and Tim used to live right where the cabin is that she's pointing to. How neat is that! At that time it was a little one-room schoolhouse that had no insulation. During the winter, it would be warmer outside in the sun than inside their house, so that's where they would shower! Her hair would freeze before she had time to dry it! I can't even imagine! It was great to hear all their stories!

We took several trips down into town on the gondolas. The view was just spectacular! Main Street was adorable and of course Shanam found an expo showing the latest electric car, the Tesla. I must say, it was pretty sweet!

And last but not least...our future home! We put an offer on it, but I don't think they'll take it :) j/k! Haha! One day, though, we'll be millionaires and have our dream home :)


T-Ray said...

Having just been to CO, I have to agree that is is super beautiful there. I love your pictures and your baby bump. :o)

jeff and alli said...

That sounded and looks delightful. Wow.

You do look cute.

Anonymous said...

Don't we just Loooove the mountains? I'm glad you had another good adventure....with more coming up:)

John, Mica, and Little J said...

Yay for hiking with baby bumps! :)I can't wait til our girls get here! There are very close! (i'm due Nov. 22, and you?
We did a trip to Telluride just this May... I've been a slacker about blogging on it just yet, but yes, it is SO beautiful! I love that place. Looks like your hubby and my hubby would really get along. :) I love that you bid on that home too, good luck with that! :)

Erin said...

Wow beautiful! Telluride is definitly going on my short list of must see places! You look great! I love that you continue to have great adventures!

Hannah said...

Your adventures just never stop! I love that you take every moment that you can. :) You do like to live life to the fullest!