Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Copper Canyon!!

Well, we made it! We had a fabulous trip and enjoyed every minute! Even the minute we got rear-ended within 10 minutes of being in Mexico. Lol. A little ironic...don't you think? Don't worry, everything was fine and our car wasn't damaged at all, thank goodness! All of our prayers worked :) Above, is a beautiful waterfall we off-roaded to. I have never been more happy to be on smooth ground after that little adventure!
This is the little bed and breakfast we stayed in for two nights in the town of Creel. Get this! All four of us in one room with breakfast and dinner included was only $45!! I love Mexico!

These are wonderful little hot springs at the bottom of a canyon. So amazing!! So were the scary, steep switch-backs leading down to it! You weren't allowed to drive on it unless you had 4 wheel drive. Guess who was first in line :) I was very grateful that we didn't have to walk back up, though! It takes 4 hours!!

And the most beautiful sight of all...Copper Canyon! We hiked as high as we could go and enjoyed the breathtaking views (and drops) all along the way! Wish we could have stayed up there a little longer! The weather was gorgeous for the whole trip and it was neat to experience a different culture as well as enjoy their yummy food!

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