Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York, NY!!

October 7, 8, & 9

The yellow squared building in the middle of the picture is where we got to stay!! Shanam's best friend, Leif, and his wife, Erika, live on the 35th floor. Check out the view from the top!!

The complex is located in the financial district, at the very tip of Manhatten. It was an easy walk to most places we wanted to visit. Our first stop was Chinatown for lunch and Little Italy for dessert. Ever since Shanam and I started dating he told me he wanted to take me to New York to do those two things, among other things of course :) Little did we know at the time that we wouldn't be alone! We'd have a third member along for the ride! Annabelle loved it :) And now we can cross it off our bucket list!

Is wasn't long, though, before she was out! Still holding on :)

After exploring Little Italy and indulging in some amazing pastries, we went for a stroll into Tribeca, then down to where the new World Trade Center is being built. Quite the site, that's for sure! It's going to be gorgeous!

We weren't able to see the memorial up close but we got a good view looking out over it.
And speaking of gorgeous buildings, look at this amazing architecture!

This is the highest residential building in America with 76 floors!!

The next morning we decided to hop on the the Staton Island Ferry and check out the one and only (well, kinda ;) Statue of Liberty! Annabelle had fun riding on the windy boat :)

Then we took a ride on the subway up to Columbus Circle where we had lunch at Whole Foods and explored the area. First stop was the temple!! Absolutely loved seeing it!

Then we explored Central Park :) Did I mention that the weather was incredibly beautiful? It couldn't have been more perfect for a stroll through the prettiest part of the city :)

We grabbed some dumplings and ice cream at Tavern on the Green and watched all the people riding their bikes and walking past us. Almost as good of a spot to people watch as the airport :) I think better!
We then made our way down 5th Avenue, peaking in all the windows at the expensive jewelry, watches and designer clothes :) Then over to the Rockefeller Center and down into Times Square! Whew! Annabelle was a trooper and sat watching everything in her stroller until we got to Times Square. Then she couldn't see much because of all the people, so Shanam put her up on his shoulders and she was happy as could be! She waved and smiled at everyone passing by and couldn't believe all the lights! It was a rare moment that her arms weren't flapping :)

The next morning we took a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked to the middle and back. What a neat bridge! Probably the coolest I've ever been on!

Shanam had to head back home early for business, so as he got ready to go, Annabelle and I hopped on the subway for an hour ride to Queens. There we met up with my cousin, Channing, and her husband, Alan. We went to church with them, then had a wonderful homemade dinner of potato soup, bread, and cinnamon rolls. It was so great to see them and so wonderful to not have to eat out! Thanks for a great afternoon, Channing!

Our trip was so wonderful and we definitely want to go back again and cross more things off our list of things to do and see there! Thanks so much Leif and Erika for being such amazing friends!

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