Friday, March 30, 2012

How I Met Love, Utah Trip, Part 3

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We started the day off right by going to the Salt Lake Temple then touring the Conference Center. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed spending time together, ever grateful for the great blessings that God continued to place our lives.

That evening, we met up with a few of my good friends and their husbands/dates and my brother, Drew. Red Robin was Bre and my's favorite restaurant because of their steak fries, so it was a no-brainer as to where we would all meet up. :) Bre was excited to meet Shanam for the first time and I was excited to see that she had asked Mark to be her date for the evening. She and Mark had been good friends for about a year and had just returned from a cruise with all of their friends. By the way she talked about their trip, I new there was a romantic interest and I was glad to be a part of their first "real" date :)

It was so great to get together with everyone and for them to meet Shanam. I felt like each time I introduced him to someone that was important in my life, my attraction and love for him grew. This evening was no different :) 
After dinner, we split off from the group and Bre, Mark, and Drew came with us to the bowling alley for a little friendly competition. 

Drew challenged Shanam to a race. 
If Shanam won he could keep dating me.

He won :)
Thank goodness :)

 Bre always brings out a goofy side of my personality and I loved that I could completely let go and not be afraid of what Shanam would think of me. He not only liked it, but he joined right in, making the night enjoyable for everyone :)

Most importantly, I got the two thumbs up from my best friend :)
She loved him.


Clara Claeys said...

Enjoyed reviewing your romantic story. I think you both are very special. Lots of love, Gamma Claeys.

Bre said...

ahhhhhh, i love your story! Glad I was a part of it, even if just in a little way! :)